Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer


I just finished the first book and season of Game of Thrones and I can safely say I am now a fan girl. Oh man. 

Here’s the two house sigils, Lion of the Lannisters and Direwolf of the Starks. Buy the print here if you like what you see! <3

The Knight; it moves by leaps of intuition. You never know what to expect. The Bishop; the piece that is held back by only being able to move on it’s own color - it can surprise you. The King; the piece the whole game revolves around and yet, it is the least powerful piece in terms of ability to move about the board. The Rook; the watcher and protector. The Pawn; the least powerful piece on the chess board, but has the potential to become equal to the most powerful - with the right move. The Queen; the most powerful piece. Has full freedom of movement in any direction and is the most valuable. [inspiration].


I kept my promise to do one for every book / season. I added the Reeds, Ramsay/Reek, and some House of the Undying changes that were from the book.

You can get a print of this at my store. I also added an option to get both prints for like $5 less.



I love how even in the midst of battle Robb’s hair is perfectly coiffed.



All the awards just for their faces. 


Game of Thrones; season 2

2.05 » The Ghost of Harrenhal

Don’t test me. Second guess me. Protest me.
You will disappear…

In the dark I’ve grown.